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What is this?

I have decided that I would love to share my experiences at Active Touch with you - the why, the how, the what! I know some people still find the thought of scheduling time for themsleves a bit of an abnormality but I want to try and address this and show you how good some form of holistic therapy is for your physical and mental wellbeing.

The aim of this blog is to discuss all manner of things, including:

  • The types of treatments on offer - what they actually are and what they entail - For example bamboo massage does not mean I stand there beating you with a stick (there are other places to book in for that if that is your thing)

  • Why and how does aromatherapy works and what could it do for you?

  • Are you aware of the pysical impacts stress has on your body (I bet you don't know some of the random things your body does when under stress!!)

  • The weird and wonderful things that might happen to your body in pregnancy and how normal they are!!!

I also want to share with you (with the persons permission) some case studies about how treatments worked for them, how mentoring has helped them and what they feel they have got from receiving treatments.

I don't really have a plan as to what I will be sharing with you but hopefuly over the coming months it will become a bit clearer. The intention is to share my life as a therapist with you - if there is anything you feel that you would like to know a bit more about then please get in touch and I will see what I can do. I would love to make this as much of an interactive experience as I can!

But for now I am off to wash towels.... lots and lots of towels!!

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