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Holistic Wellbeing

Mobile Only Treatments:


Swedish/Aromatherapy BNS Massage:

40 mins

Back, Neck and Shoulder


Swedish/Aromatherapy  FB Massage:

60 mins

Full Body


Coming soon!

Reiki/Crystal Therapy Taster:

20 mins


Reiki/Crystal Therapy:

40 Mins


Clinical Aromatherapy:

Clinical aromatherapists are trained professionals who are able to create personalised combinations of aromatic oils to help aid mental and physical ailments.

Clinical aromatherapy has been used for many years in the healthcare industry, but it can also be used for relaxation at home. The treatments are not limited to just adults; they can be beneficial for children.

What could it help with?

A bespoke aromatherapy blend could aid in all sorts of ailments from aches and pains, menopause symptoms, headaches, migraines, digestive issues, insomnia, earache, teething etc

Contact me and we can discuss your individual needs.


Before purchasing a bespoke aromatherapy product for yourself then you will be required to answer a few questions, we will then have a 1:1 chat either in person or through Zoom (if you are not local or cannot make it face to face - ideal if you are busy!)


Once we have established what you would like the aromatherapy to help with, we can decided on oils that will be suitable and in what base you feel might work best for yourself, for example: bath oil, roller balls, massage oil, inhaler or body lotion.

Virtual Consultation:

30 mins

consultation/blend discover/postal product (roller ball etc) 


1:1 Blending:

60 mins

Consultation/blend discover/ home made blends x 2 

(Ideal for menopause/insomnia/migraines/aches and pains/stress etc) 


1:1 Virtual Aromatherapy Workshop:

Top 10 'Essential' Essential Aromatherapy Oils, learn how to use essential oils for you and your home/family. 

45 mins


Group Aromatherapy Workshops: 

These can be bespoke to your group needs

Please contact me for timings and price!

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