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Menopause Coaching

I decided I wanted to offer this service as Perimenopause and Menopause seems to be such a lonely journey that hardly anyone wants to talk to you about.

When you are pregnant everyone gets involved and wants to offer tips and advice and no one is scared to talk about this with you, even usually as a teen and you start your periods you have family and friends around to support you. Menopause however, is still a hugely taboo subject, even in this day and age, and when people do talk, all you seem to hear is horror stories. 

I am also very aware of the strain the NHS is under and how the Drs and nurses now have no time to sit and have a chat with you and answer the burning questions you might have about your individual journey. 

This is where I  want to come in - I want to offer well researched guidance and support, and look to see how you can tackle your journey from a holistic perspective. We will spend time looking at your symptoms and discussing how you feel and how you would like to approach your journey your way, and I will hopefully offer the tools and information to set you on your way. The entire experience will be lead by you and guided by what you need from the session. 


Even if you just need a good chat, a cry and a cup of tea, that is also completely fine. Nothing taboo about hitting the next stage of your life - and to be honest even if you have a partner who you feel would benefit from learning about the menopause, then they could come along too (or send them on their own to discuss their questions) just because someone isn't going through it, doesn't mean they cant share the experience. 

If you would like to know more about my coaching sessions then please do get in touch.


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