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Apricity Wellbeing

Women's Wellness Coaching Virtual


60 mins

Zoom/Phone Call


Women's Wellness Coaching 'Out in Nature'


1 - 2 hours


Group Women's Wellness Coaching 'Out in Nature' - coming soon!

1-2 hours

£ tbc

meditation/coaching etc

please check back soon for more information. 

About  this Service: 

I decided I wanted to offer this 'coaching' service as over the past few years I have really noticed how so many women do not feel grounded at the moment and like they are perhaps 'floundering' in life.

Perimenopause and Menopause seems to be a huge reason for this, but life in general for women can have so many expectations, that we rarely take time for ourselves and give ourselves any time to breathe properly.

Often we feel that motherhood/work/being single/getting into a new relationship/divorce/moving home/children starting school/changing jobs etc can be such a lonely journey, and we keep it all to ourselves for fear of burdoning this onto someone else. 

I am also very aware of the strain the NHS is under with regards to mental health and how the Drs and nurses now have no time to sit and have a chat with you and answer the simple questions you might have.

Something I became very aware of in Lock down was the fact that the things people use for their low level mental self care were all taken away from us (gyms, hairdressers, massage therapists, beauticians) and this had a huge detrimental effect on many peoples well-being over the year/s.  

Long term I think this is still having an effect as many people haven't really returned to the point they were in before lock down, so my hope is to remind people that their well-being is important, and provide them with the space and opportunity to give themselves the time to heal and feel grounded again. 

This is where I want to come in - I want to offer well researched guidance and support, and look to see how you can tackle your journey from a holistic perspective. We will spend time discussing how you feel and how you would like to approach your well-being journey your way, and I will hopefully offer the tools and information to set you on your way. The entire experience will be lead by you and guided by what you need from the session. 

Even if you just need a good chat, a cry and a cup of tea, that is also completely fine. Nothing taboo about having feelings and needing to sit in them for a while. 

If you would like to know more about my coaching sessions then please do get in touch.


When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness! 

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