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So why Active Touch?

I guess a good place to start with this blog is to tell you a bit more about me and more about Active Touch and how it came about. When I think back to 2008 I'm always quite shocked that I've managed to guide the business to this point. It really is my eldest child, it's had me up at night, it's taken a large sum of my money, it's regularly on my mind and it has had it's good points and then it has its bad points ( 2020 for one, although that wasn't its fault let's be honest)

I've always had a keen interest in biology and slightly 'alternative' things (loved and still love a good hippy shop!!) but In 2008 I was living in a house with an ex (long story, do not recommend!!) and I needed something to get me out of an evening so I didn't spend my time attempting to redesign my patio.

I decided to sign up for an evening class in Holistic Massage. It was amazing, I loved every minute of it, the group I was part of was funny and we gelled well, the tutor was brilliant and what with the studying, case studies, socialising and actual weekly course, I was barely home. I'd found something I had a real passion for.

Within the course you had to do a project about a 'pretend' business. A business plan, name, room plan and design etc. Active Touch was born then, but only as a concept, I had no idea at that point it would lead to all this and a mild obsession with learning new skills.

My main motivation for pushing the business once I'd qualified was one comment that will stick with me forever.... "What are you bothering doing that for, you won't amount to anything"..... That was essentially fuel to a raging fire, and anyone who knows me well knows I'm a teeny tiny bit stubborn sometimes!!

Suddenly Active Touch wasn't just a concept but had business potential.

I looked at where I could progress, what courses I could do next, who I could advertise to. I spent years studying part time around jobs I hated and practising on willing friends and family members.

Then in 2012 I had Ffion.

After my maternity leave was up I worked out that financially, it would be stupid to go back to the job I had been in... Plus I'd have missed Fi growing up.

So I quit, I focused on setting up Active Touch officially and advertising. I worked out what days, hours etc I could do and what else I needed to do to be OK... In the first 4 months of advertising I was fully booked for every slot I offered. I was absolutely made up.

As Ffion grew and went to nursery and then school I was able to offer more slots, more treatments and more time for my clients.

I was nominated for and received awards.... I met clients who become the most incredible friends. I finally found a perfect premises that I could work from and grow my business further.

So.... I have plans for the future, I know the direction I want to go in and the things I want to do. But looking back helps me feel confident that I can do it, because I've already got way further than I thought I ever would!!

And that essentially is my Active Touch birthing story in a nut shell.... Way easier and less painful than Ffion was.... But took much, much longer!!!

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