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Aromatherapy Workshops

Aromatherapy Workshops

Regular Aromatherapy workshops are available to book as a private event at your home or work place.

Have you always wanted to find out more about Essential Oils?

Host an Aromatherapy Workshop at home or in your place of work to find out more.

Learn about:

  • How Essential Oils are made and how they work.

  • Top 10 Essential Oils and how to use them for yourself and around the home.

  • Get hands on with the oils.

  • Create your own blend and turn it into a roller ball to take home.

  • Prices vary depending on subject depending on subject.

  • Minimum 4 people per session.

Chose from:

  • Aromatherapy 101 - Learn about the 10 "Essential" Essential oils 

    • With or without the making of a roller ball for all guests.  


Please note a full consultation is completed before any treatment is conducted.

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